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Some writers are afraid to say they are writers for the same reason many artists are afraid to say they are artists.

We are not just a publishing company but a family of talented writers, eager to bring you the best in modern literature.

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Our mission is to give talented new writers and members of the new generation a voice that is universally heard. The publishing field has changed a lot, and it is easy for innovative new writers to go undiscovered. We are here to change that.

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LEARNING TO FLY, AVAILABLE NOW: Star quarterback Gunnar Rawlings has life all figured out. He has everything a senior in high school could want – admiration of the entire town, status as the best quarterback Blackridge High has ever seen, and a scholarship to UCLA. Everything in Gunnar’s life is going according to plan. Then he meets Carrie Jennings. An emotional roller coaster, the story of Gunnar and Carrie teaches us all to live life deliberately, chasing our dreams in spite of whatever adversity we may face.



A CONFESSION, AVAILABLE NOW: William F. Aicher’s A Confession takes a look inside the mind of a nameless man struggling to find meaning in a life that he now questions. Journey with him as he navigates through this crisis by recounting of the choices he has made to a captive. His falling in love with a millennial, a glossy mirror of who he used to be, just adds to his life questions. This timeless internal struggle explores the very definitions of arrogance, freedom, regret, ego, control, public humiliation, and blackmail in the digital age.




EVANESCENCEAVAILABLE NOW: R.J. Rogue will thrill you with this new spin on vampires in Evanescencea book about a late-blooming vampire from New York named Evan Macrae, who has trouble accepting his reality. Remember, things are not always as they seem. Evanescence is a supernatural, yet relatable novel that will surprise you through every chapter.





OUT, AVAILABLE NOW: Scott McGlynn’s memoir takes a close look at his experiences growing up and learning to embrace his true self. His mission is to end bullying once and for all. McGlynn’s autobiographical story about his struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with his sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into his life, struggles, and perseverance. His aim is to inspire people of all walks of life and ages and to allow everyone to be proud of who they are. FullSizeRender(3).jpg



PURGATORY, PRE-ORDER NOW; AVAILABLE NOW: A follow-up to K.W. Peery’s poetry collection, Tales of a Receding Hairline (named #1 on Amazon’s American Poetry List), Peery writes about his personal life experiences through poetry and lyrics, as he grapples with morality and mortality. His unvarnished truth bleeds from his pen onto the page of each poem in this collection, while his unapologetic vulnerability is neatly embedded within each work of this impactful poetry collection. Peery is a prolific musician, and his book of poetry is just as enthralling.



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GenZ is the fastest growing publishing company of 2016! We publish under 10% of those who query us to bring you amazing books by talented authors.
GenZ Publishing has had new releases go on to top Amazon’s Hot New Releases and hit #1 on the charts.  Founded by Morissa Schwartz, we are on a mission to change the world through words.

THIRTEEN YEARS OF DUST, AVAILABLE NOW : Introducing Duke Bradley, an egotistical, sarcastic, and obsessive, ex-FBI special detective…he’s a new kind of private eye and the only one who could solve a murder. Author Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr. describes the book genre as ‘Mystere Gris’: Noir inspired, but not so black and white. The grey area is where there is light in the darkness, a shadow to step out of and a light down there at the end of the hallway.

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WOOD TO BURN: AVAILABLE NOW: Cameron Grace’s ‘Wood to Burn’ is a captivating collection that includes thirty poems and two performance pieces that have been presented as part of Under The Fable’s last tour of the UK. The pieces focus on the individual voice highlighting important world issues.



WRITING FOR THE NEW GENERATION, AVAILABLE NOW: Thinking about writing a book? How about getting your writing published? Have you fallen victim to writer’s block? Then, the new book Writing for the New Generation by GenZ Publishing founder and ‘Voice of Generation Z’ Morissa Schwartz, is the book for all you writers out there. ‘Writing for the New Generation’ is available in paperback and eBook now!


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A POET AND HIS ERRANT PEN, AVAILABLE NOW: Adrian DeBarros made a conscious choice to never settle for status quo and not to get complacent with life. DeBarros’ collection of comedic and metaphoric writing, stitches the frayed fabric of life. It will have you laughing and thinking about every aspect of life. His offering is part of his relentless innovative spirit and life of constant growth.



THE BIGGER PICTURE, AVAILABLE NOW: Kerry Dolan’s The Bigger Picture is an honest exploration of the self and big picture questions. It is an inspirational book made up of poetry and introspective prose. The book aims to help readers find light in the dark. These are tales from an empathetic, introverted, and sensitive young lady whose insight is a breath of fresh air.



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ROYAL IGBO MEDITATION, AVAILABLE NOW: Dr. Uzoma Nwosu’s guide to Chi meditation introduced from the Igbos of Africa will help you to find your peace. Learn how you can connect with the earth through your breathing and energy in this interactive guide.

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AN HOUR FOR MAGIC, AVAILABLE NOW:  Justin Fulkerson’s An Hour for Magic is a mystery thriller like no other. After a prophetic vision is set in motion, a group of magicians must trust in each other to prevent a powerful beast from being released, a demon hell bent on destroying what remains of the human race and reclaiming this planet as his own once and for all. With many references to real life magicians, like Houdini, readers of all fanbases will enjoy Fulkerson’s tale.

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DRY WORLD, OUT NOW: Dylan James Brock’s Dry World is about how close love can be to a psychosis. In this narrative told by a split mind, two love stories about one psychotic narrator are told simultaneously. The first plot, set in 2003, is at the end of a college career and the second plot, set in 2005, is at the beginning of a literary one. Each spirals into violence through the recklessness characterizing the severe mental illness. What results is a patient and realistic Bildungsroman about how to learn through love from madness.

Find the book’s accompanying soundtrack on Dylan’s website.

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The Next Ninety-Nine Rhymes, Times, and Signs of Blundering Catfish Mischief, PRE-ORDER NOW; AVAILABLE NOW: Oh for fryin’ up cod! This fun poetry collection will bring you into the world of Blundering O’ Bloat! It is a follow-up to the previous collection, ‘101 Concentric Dialects of Eccentric Fish Antics.’

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THE TIES THAT BIND, AVAILABLE NOW: Audrey Cuff, Ed.D’s novel is an all too real tale of the struggles and heartbreak faced when loved ones return from war. Follow Ashley Brown as she struggles to establish a healthy relationship with her estranged father. Her father returned from the war in Iraq, but there is something deeply wrong with Ashley’s father. She has not seen him since she was five years old, and she fears him more than anything.

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INSPIRITED, Available NOW: From her hospital bed, Cheyenne begins to remember bits and pieces from the crash, the police chase, and Dante’s lifeless body…Penelope Aaron’s INSPIRITED picks up right after sixteen-year-old triplet Cheyenne’s hospital stay, the death of a friend, and the discovery that she has an inherited gift:  the shocking and sometimes horrific ability to see the memories of others.  This gift is meant to be used not only to guide her and her decisions, but to help others, that is, if Cheyenne is cooperative.  Her first instinct is to deny it and try to return to normal.

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WHEN DARKNESS REIGNS, AVAILABLENOW  Preston L. Marshall’s dystopian sci-fi novel follows Lumar Lee as he’s swept into humanity’s desperate war for survival against the Sarsaul, predators from another world. No one can escape the war. Safety is a lie. The walls cannot keep the enemy out. The world is dying. What hope can be found when darkness reigns?

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KNIGHTS OF ENMITY, AVAILABLE NOW: Fall into the magic, action and ever spiraling chaos that is Sedrie Danielle’s Knights of Enmity! Never had there been a time when enmity did not exist between Man and Angels. During the time of the Light Wars, the ancient Order of the Grigori blessed 9 sons of Adam with the power to defeat Gabriel’s hordes. The 9 founded the first of the 33 Orders of Man who swore to protect Earth from the wrath of Heaven.IMG_0358



I WANT TO KNOW YOU, AVAILABLE NOW : Bethany McTrustery’s ‘I Want to Know You’ is an introspective look at her personal world and observations of the environment around her.  Within this collection, Bethany explores her interpersonal relationships with family, the progression of time, and the changing landscape of Britain.



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INFAMOUS, COMING SOON:  Told over 10 years, this YA novel by Allison Stowe is one that will keep you guessing. While there is a great amount of thrill in the circumstances surrounding the characters, there is also a great amount of relatability. The book also opens up important dialogues about sexuality, ‘celebrity’ worship, and high school politics.



somewhere only we know, Pre-order Now, Available 11/18: Bri Marino’s somewhere only we know explores emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in the lives of four young girls. The novel shows Frankie’s struggle to make sense of the violence in her life, and her struggle to get her friends to open up about their abuse so that they can try to once again find that place of peace in their lives.

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INTERNAL CONFLICT, Pre-Order now; Available 11/4:

Internal Conflict by E.A. Stripling is the story of Olivia Moore, a heart-broken department store buyer, who is trying to find herself again after losing the love of her life. Also dealing with loves lost, her roommate, Natalie drags Olivia bar to bar, trying to convince her that the cure for a broken heart is random hookups with the local bar hunks. As it usually goes, love pops up where you least expect it, and Olivia is faced with quick-witted Victor Montgomery.



BELIEVE WHAT YOU BREATHE, Pre-order Now, Available 12/2:

Believe What You Breathe by Galanty Miller is narrated by Hassan Kone, a 102-year-old Sudanese nomad, living near the Red Sea. Hassan tells two intertwining stories; the story of his great-great-great granddaughter Lala and the story of Tom Smith.



THE FORMATION OF GLASS, COMING SOON:  Kelsey Knight unveils the process of human perspective through the landscape of observation and condition throughout a lifetime in The Formation of Glass, a new collection from this feature poet. Kelsey is an experience chaser, and this is a great influence on The Formation of Glass. She is motivated in her search for moments to accumulate and create a meaningful life.

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Complete Nonsense, COMING SOON: M. Chapman’s book is like none you’ve read before…it’s nonsense! When a person makes a statement that you don’t understand there are at least two possibilities: (a) You don’t comprehend the statement; (b) The statement is nonsense. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘how do I tell the difference?’. Highly technical jargon, business speak, political sound bites, New Age religions seemingly ‘word salad’ a symptom demonstrated by some people suffering with schizophrenia, grammatical sentences without meaning. Historically Romanticism was a reaction to enlightenment rationality, Dada a reaction to the logic of war and in a contemporary post truth world is Heckseck (German for nonsense), the new Zeitgeist, where we are escaping into nonsense from hard real world truths? This experimental word montage work, sometimes poetic, sometimes humorous and seemingly a textual Rorschach, challenges your sense of sense. Your mind will struggle to extract meaning of it resulting in delicious befuddlement. So, bloat your consciousness with a stream of nonsense.